Monument Dusseldorf Lead Article

Monument Dusseldorf Lead Article

This Monument Dusseldorf Lead Article will explain the role of modern architecture in Düsseldorf since the end of World War II. Dusseldorf has been the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1946 and is the seat of the state government. The NRW state parliament was built in the style of structuralism between 1982 and 1988. Dusseldorf is home to several architectural milestones, some of them designed by world-renowned architects. The decimal clock installed on Horst H. Baumann’s 1978-1982 television tower is the largest of its kind in this world. It is entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The architect of the Rhine Tower was Harald Deilmann (1920-2008).

Project Rhinecomet – light installation on the Düsseldorf television tower

In 2016, on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, a laser installation was set up at the top of the Rhine Tower in Dusseldorf. Rays of light emanating from it remained visible for several nights. This event was repeated in 2017 and will continue to be available for special events such as the Japan Festival, the Rhine Fair or German Unification Day. The not inconsiderable costs of the Rheinkomet art campaign are borne by several sponsors.

Famous Architects in Dusseldorf

Other very worth seeing milestones of postmodern architecture are the deconstructionist buildings of Frank Owen Gehry in the Medienhafen, whose northern end is enclosed by the state parliament and the television tower, before the site merges into the Rhine bank promenade between Oberkasseler- and Rheinkniebrücke. The port facility of the „old commercial port“ was preserved as a technical monument. Today, the Media Harbour, also known as Little Manhattan, is home to new buildings from the 1990s, including the Gehry buildings, the Colorium and the Twin Towers (Hafenspitze I and II) Düsseldorf.

Further architecture worth seeing, which is not only of interest to Dusseldorf Tourism, is found on this page as well. Any additional information provided refers to the architectural style and the construction phase or year of completion. Some of the places and monuments worth seeing in Dusseldorf are discussed below.


Düsseldorf, Capital of NRW.