Mannesmann Houses Dusseldorf

Mannesmann Houses Dusseldorf

Mannesmann Houses Dusseldorf, consisting of a historic vertical building and the high-rise building next to it.

Mannesmann House Dusseldorf

Also called Behrensbau after the name of the architect, to the left of the Mannesmann high-rise. Neoclassicism and reform architecture, built 1911-1912, registered as a monument in 1982. The main facade looks out onto the Rhine bank promenade. The Hephaistos relief above the main entrance was made by Eberhard Encke (1881-1936). Since 2015, the building has served to house refugees, then as an exhibition venue for a very worthwhile exhibition on the history of the state of NRW. Since 2022, it has been undergoing extensive renovation and will remain unused for the next few years.

Adress: Mannesmannufer 2, 40213 Düsseldorf.

Mannesmann Skyscraper Dusseldorf

The Mannesmann high-rise Dusseldorf is one of the older buildings of Dusseldorf’s post-war period. It is built in the style of post-war modernism and is one of the first more modern high-rise buildings in the Federal Republic. The skyscraper on Mannesmannufer has been a listed building since 1997. It is 88.5 meters high and has 22 floors. It was leased to Vodafone by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia until 2012. Since then it has been used as a ministry. During the Christmas season, a lighting pattern simulates a Christmas tree. Mannesmann high-rise, 89 meters, built from 1956 – 1958.

Mannesmann Skyscraper, Berger Allee 9, 40213 Düsseldorf.