Dusseldorf Rheinuferpromenade

Dusseldorf Rhine bank promenade

Dusseldorf Rheinuferpromenade: Compared to its Cologne counterpart, the smaller brother in Dusseldorf is an urbanistically built masterpiece. The Dusseldorf Rhine promenade offers a beautiful view to Ober- and Niederkassel on the left bank of the Rhine, especially at sunset.

The route continues south at the State Parliament as far as the Media Harbour, in the north at the world famous Dusseldorf Art Academy and concert hall (Tonhalle) towards the Rheinpark. One of the highlights of Dusseldorf Rheinuferpromenade is the large outside staircase at the castle tower, where a walk to the historic centre can be started. The perimeter of the staircase is decorated with the large work of art Rivertime (1997) by Hermann Josef Kuhna (1944-2018) which has been restored recently. The old surfaces have been replaced by tiles, from which it is particularly easy to remove the unfortunate remains of muckrakers. At the level of Zollstraße (from Schlossplatz to direction of state parliament) there is the worth seeing water level height watch (Pegeluhr) which was taken into consideration in the designs for the promenade by the architect Johannes Radke around 1900.

Rheinuferpromenade, Rathausufer, 40213 Düsseldorf.